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Our mission is to provide high quality and professional traffic control services that will ensure public safety, government and local authorities compliance, with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Roadside's knowledge of traffic control and management is integral to the daily flow of the lives of the region’s commuters. Its engineers design the traffic plans that result in lane closures due to road repairs, large events and big infrastructure projects.

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About us

Roadside Traffic Management has assembled its systems, capital, and resources to drive value for customers via the delivery of a full suite of traffic management services.

We create this value by focusing our activities on those imperatives crucial for successful contract and project delivery, namely: technical excellence & safety; commercial efficiencies; and the enhancement of customer brands.

Our company currently provisions and delivers more than eight sectors of traffic management services annually through a resource base exceeding across the UK and Ireland, whilst including the state of the art equipment and ancillary traffic devices.

Our success with customers is reflected in our strong relationships and sole supply partnerships.

With a national footprint currently exceeding, is a testament to our ability to maintain high-quality customer fulfillment through scaling.

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