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Roadside Traffic Management, is a privately-owned minority business-based company in Brigg North Lincolnshire. Roadside is a largely anonymous company whose complete knowledge of traffic control and management is integral to the daily flow of the lives of the region’s commuters. Its engineers design the traffic plans that result in lane closures due to road repairs, large events and big infrastructure projects.

Roadside Traffic Management, started with very humble beginnings by Tony Wilson (Managing Director). Roadside’s goal is to provide our customers, employees and the public a safe work zone while maintaining an efficient flow of traffic.

Roadside Traffic management improve safety, traffic flow and service levels on our roads, with extensive expertise within traffic management systems used on, major roads and national highway sector schemes.

Our services cover temporary installations during the construction phase as well as permanent installations, and we manage the subsequent operation and maintenance as well.

To sustain safety and traffic flow on our roads, incident management and dynamic traffic management are both necessary.

Roadside Traffic Management has extensive experience of creating traffic management plans, in close cooperation with Major Contractors, local authorities, police and other emergency responders.

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